Senior Front-end UI Developer

Front-end User Interface Developer, responsible for the frontend development across multiple projects including WordPress / AngularJS & ReactJS.



Senior Frontend
Developer / WordPress Developer


Front-end User Interface Developer

Responsible for the frontend development across Multiple projects including WordPress / AngularJS & ReactJS, spanning part and full lifecycles end-to- end of the design, specification and builds. Integrating with the cross-functional team as a key player, working to strict deadlines with attention to detail, understanding and prioritising work flows, adhering to the projects milestones / best practices and reporting directly to the User Experience Director.


  • BP: [Under NDA] Responsive Angular Web app (Front-end SCSS + CSS)
  • TfL (Transport for London): [Under NDA] Responsive Angular Web app (Front-end SCSS + CSS)
  • Smiths News (SNapp): [Under NDA] Responsive Angular Web app (Front-end SCSS)
  • Garner Haines: [Under NDA] Responsive React.js Data Visualisation Web app (Front-end SCSS + CSS)
  • Key Resource: Responsive WordPress Recruitment Website (Front & Back End)
  • Keytree: Responsive WordPress Company Website (Front & Back End)
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Here’s a breakdown of the tools used on the
Frontend project for Keytree

  • WordPress (CMS) Front & Back End
  • Angular (Front end)
  • React (Front end)
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Foundation Framework
  • (CMS) WordPress Open Source Content Management System
  • PHP programming and Plugins
  • Reactjs (Front end)
  • Angularjs (Front end)
  • HTML5 • CSS3 • SASS • LESS
  • Css Pre-processors
  • Jira • Sublime Text 2 • Atom (IDE) • IntelliJ IDEA
  • GitHub (version control) • Tortoise SVN
  • Continuous Integration (CI) / Merging Code
  • Npm (Node.js) :: Grunt, Gulp and Bower

Working with Startups & Agencies…

I’m a multidisciplinary WordPress developer working with Startups and Agencies within the UK and EU.

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